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Adult dating sites that do not need ccbill credit company

I have never been on any adult content web sites, and the only web sites I have given my debit card information to are amazon and itunes.I still can't figure out how ccbill hijacked my account. I called Chase bank as soon as the fraudulent charges appeared, and they said they would put the money back into my account until the charges had been cleared up and a dispute form had been filed. I instituted a fraud claim, my bank credited my account the .95 and within 90 days if they find it was fraud it will be done with.Perhaps they could tighten their security, but according to the information I received from their representative, the person making the charges had the security code, so obviously who ever promoted my credit card number must have either gained access to the data of some earlier purchase elsewhere (I’ve never used cc Bill) or acquired physical access to my card somewhere prior to the charges appearing.If the former is true, then one of the following must be the case: the secure mode of HTTP (https) is not as secure as we believe, the companies with which I’ve done business retain data on un-secure servers, or an employee of one of these companies is involved with fraudulent activity. I was thinking to myself..."How long has this person been employed at CCBill" BUT when I finished reading my experience was similar, but not...

If they don't issue refunds, that should be the first thing a person should see before ordering anything through them.

I called and started a circus act of jumping through hoops, some with fire, and had to get my bank (Regions) involved.

They(CCBill) requested a copy of my bank statement showing no refund was given, claimed their info should it had. A month later I finally got my refund after dealing with them for over two months, and Regions investigating a fraud allegation.

A week later, I am still trying to get Chase to reverse the charges and they now claim that the charges weren't reported within 60 days (which makes absolutely no sense since I reported the fraud the day it happened). When I gave CC Bill the transaction number that appeared on my bank statement they told me they couldn't search by that number and needed more information..my account number. I did have to cancel my bank card and get a new one issued. I canceled an account of mine on Feb 3 and still billed on Feb 5th.

I was hoping I wouldn't have to deal with CCBill since it seemed like such an obvious scam that the bank would easily recognize, but now I have no choice but to call them and attempt to get my money back from them. I contacted them after I received my credit card statement on Feb 18th and they refused to do anything. Plus, I read on another review site, "This company is a total scam. Check out their Better Business Bureau complaints or those on Ripoff-dot-com.


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