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Which, as of this writing, is happening solely and entirely in the state of Alabama. Lauren Becker of the Center for Inquiry points out that several states have antiquated laws on the books banning atheists from holding office. On the other hand, in Florida, you might get kicked out of a city council meeting simply for wearing an atheist T-shirt.

As Eberhard added, "While it's not the first state in which we have seen pushback from adults in a position of authority over students to the idea of atheists forming clubs in the same way religious students form clubs, it is the first state in which we've had to bring in lawyers to fight for equality denied."#6: North Carolina. "The Supreme Court has said that federal law prohibits states from requiring a religious test to serve office," she says, but "there are still some states that have such laws, whether they enforce them or not."North Carolina, however, has the distinction of actually trying to enforce one of these laws. And if you protest against prayers at city council meetings, you might actually get arrested. Did you hear the one about the public high school with the prayer banner in the school gym -- a prayer banner specifically addressed to "Our Heavenly Father"?

Let's talk about the resistance that atheist students routinely get from public high school administrators who want to block students from forming secular groups. The only state where the SSA has had to initiate a lawsuit about it.

Duncan Henderson wanted to form a secular club at his public school -- which he has the full legal right to do. According to JT Eberhard, campus organizer and high school specialist at the Secular Student Alliance, "When Duncan's father scheduled a meeting to discuss the matter, the principal showed up to the meeting with a lawyer, who more or less repeated, 'We're going to follow the law' in response to every question.

So with all that being said -- let's get on with the list!

And, finally, you find polls done of all Americans demonstrating that plenty of families don't want their sons or daughters marrying atheists.

There are many sad states of affairs."So the point here isn't to show that some states suck for atheists worse than others.

The point is to show that anti-atheist bigotry is real.

The point is to show that it has real-world consequences.


  1. Jan 31, 2014. I was recently contacted by a bride who was getting married in a castle-turned-wedding-venue in New York State. She explained that although she and her groom were raised Catholic, neither followed the faith they were born into. She, in fact, was a practicing Wiccan and he was a staunch Atheist.

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