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However, we often forget to be thankful for the bad things that didn't happen!Perhaps we have far more things to be thankful for than we've ever realized.In 1832, a man named Joseph Bates decided in the sight of God that he must take a stand for those who were oppressed.The world has changed much since then, but one thing remains: The oppressed are still with us.What do you think about when you hear the words personal evangelism?For most people, those words carry a lot of baggage.

Part 5 of this sermon series focuses on the question: "Who is my neighbor?As Christians, we've never called this world our home. But how do we reach a culture that is so wholly secular, so different from what we have been called to?How do we engage this culture without conforming to it?In light of the historically tragic story of the Titanic, we too live in a state of impending destruction.Just as the passengers on the Titanic were oblivious to the disaster that loomed ahead, could we also be distracted by the opulence around us and be ignoring the warning signals of our doomed planet? The Rebel unleashes his full fury upon the inhabitants of Galaxy Three. The War rages on as the Rebel releases his latest weapon upon the inhabitants of Galaxy Three: a viral infection of "self" rule. What response can the King in Galaxy One bring to counter such a powerful deception?The story of Zacchaeus is one that is often set aside for children, in this message however we explore the story to find where we as a church stand.The picture of evangelism and the gospel that unfolds in this story offer something for the followers of Jesus today." Using the familiar story of the Good Samaritan, we will study the parallels between Jesus'; audience in Jericho that day and those of us who today may still be pondering, "Who is my neighbor?" and how will my actions reflect the principle illustrated by the unwanted, rejected Samaritan who showed mercy to his enemy.When faced with divisive issues of our own, how will we respond?What can we learn from the example of the Early Church?


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  4. First off, welcome to Online Baptist, I'm glad that you have found us. As far as Christian dating sites goes, well, the term "Christian" is really broad these days.

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  6. Is there such a thing that separates christian dating from. Jason Young Heritage Baptist Church. 1,408,000 free audio sermons from conservative.

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