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I believe that the end of relationships with Borderlines are probably as difficult as my own experience.

It’s the nature of the relationship, and the nature of the dysfunction.

On September 9, 1919, when Police Commissioner Edwin Upton Curtis refused to allow the creation of a police union, 1,117 BPD officers went on strike.The Boston Police Department (BPD), dating back to 1838, holds the primary responsibility for law enforcement and investigation within the city of Boston, Massachusetts. The BPD is also the 20th largest law enforcement agency in the country and the 3rd largest in New England behind the Massachusetts State Police (2,300 officers) and the Massachusetts Department of Correction (4,000 officers).In 1703, pay in the sum of 35 shillings a month was set for members of the night watch.This signaled a dramatic shift in traditional labor relations and views on the part of the police, who were unhappy with stagnant wages and poor working conditions.The city soon fell into riots and public chaos as over three-fourths of the department was no longer enforcing public peace.Things were done and said on both sides that make form of reconciliation, even as friends absolutely impossible.‘No Contact’, or ‘NC’ in ‘BPD-speak’ is the only way to be.Hodsdon attempted to arrest two suspects for a burglary. Thousands of people visited the station house to view the body.A struggle ensued, and one of the suspects was able to get behind Hodsdon and shoot him in the head. M., becoming the first Boston police officer killed in the line of duty. Hodsdon left behind his wife Lydia and infant son Ezekiel who was born just 13 days prior to his death. Homer retired on Jan 29, 1919 after 40 years of service.And a caller from a ‘Blocked’ number that when I do answer, hangs up as soon as I say ‘Hello’? She, like me, cannot forget all the hurt and pain that was associated with the end of our relationship. And there is one reason, and one reason only: Triangulation. Borderlines have major problems maintaining intimate relationships, and pull-away, or push-away their partners when they either feel in danger of being engulfed, or feel that they will be abandoned by their partners. The strange thing is, I always prefered circles to triangles anyway… She is contacting me because she ‘needs’ something from me.


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