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Cheap dating ideas for married couples

This includes not participating in any social event.Schedule at least a couple of hours for date night – Date nights are not like brief lunch dates you once had with your spouse. Do it consistently – Probably the hardest part of date night is consistent inspiration.And since I am a full believer in dating my spouse I thought it might be fun to share with you some fun & festive fall date ideas.

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Try going to the local amusement park, or bring a board game to a coffee house, or have a picnic in the park.

However, if you plan on going to the movies, make sure to complement it with a couple of hours talking over dinner.

Don’t invite anyone else – Date night is for you and your spouse.

Have a little Thanksgiving party just the two of you using some of these ideas from this post on 50 Unique Ways to Celebrate During Thanksgiving. Snuggle under a blanket & watch the Chronicles of Narnia series (a fall tradition in our family). Drive through a upark & enjoy a picnic in your car on an extra cool fall day. Soak up all of the end of summer sales & clearances & get a jump start on the holiday season by going Christmas shopping together (yes I already have a few presents hidden in our home).

Go to your closet & pull out everything you didn’t wear last fall & winter, then take a mini trip to a local goodwill & donate your items to charity, & end with date idea number 5, 9, or 26.


  1. Dinner and a movie gets old quick. If you’re looking for fun, creative things to do with your spouse, here are 12 unique date ideas for married couples that you might want to try.

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