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Consolidating lotus notes servers Mature x cam

Upon further investigation, it was determined that the document on the secondary server had a higher sequence number which implies that it was updated more recently than the document on the primary server.Normally, when a document does not contain a reader field or if both servers involved in the replication are listed in the reader field of both copies of the document, a replication conflict will be generated when the document is modified on both servers before replication takes place.However, in this particular situation, since the secondary server does not have access to the document on the primary server, replication fails as is expected and a replication conflict is not generated because in order for a conflict document to be generated, both servers need to have access to the document.Resolving the problem 1.) A short term solution would be to modify the document on the primary server so that its sequence number is higher than document on the secondary server.Problem Normally, when a server is removed from the reader field of a document, after scheduled replication takes place, the document is deleted from the server since that server no longer has access to the document.In some cases, when a secondary server is removed from the reader field of a document residing on a primary server, after replication occurs between the two servers, the document is not deleted from the secondary server as is expected.In this scenario I expect that server A will remove the document from server B.There are variations on the scenario, server C replicating with B, B initiating the replication with A.

You can create a replica of the mail file on other servers for failover in case the primary server is unavailable.

If I use your server A/server B scenario what happened for us was Server B replicated with Server A and the document disappeared from Server B.

Unfortunately this was tracked as a deletion so when A and B replicated again the documents were then removed from server A.

The IBM® Lotus® Domino® mail system has three basic components: Domino mail servers, Domino mail files, and mail clients.

The Domino mail server is the backbone of an organization's messaging infrastructure, acting both as an Internet mail server and an IBM® Lotus® Notes® mail server.


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  2. DocAve Lotus Notes Migrator. SharePoint administrators easily automate the process of consolidating legacy Lotus Notes. delivered by Notes Domino servers.

  3. Existing Lotus Notes ® Traveler servers can be integrated into a High Availability pool. All synchronization and administration data is automatically.

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