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CCEMiami has two multidisciplinary spaces with audiovisual equipment and a patio (Microtheater Miami).

These spaces host several activities such as exhibitions, conferences, book presentations, documentaries, films and concerts; among other activities.

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Instead of reporting on the reality of life under the regime, the AP—blinded and hobbled by its accommodations and relationships—helped obscure what was actually happening inside Germany and the way the Nazis waged war.

Did the AP protest the use of its photos in propaganda that fueled genocide?

“To date, no records have surfaced to suggest AP objected to such practices at the time,” the report admits.

The AP was, for example, the “leading supplier” of images for a propaganda book called Eventually, Scharnberg claimed, the line between the AP’s German photo operation and the Nazi regime effectively ceased to exist—even as the Nazis pursued projects like the concentration camp at Dachau, which opened in 1933, and the “euthanasia” of disabled children, which began in the summer of 1939. Well, the head of AP’s picture service in Berlin went on to be an official Nazi photo censor.

If AP photos from the German advance into Poland and Russia offered an image of the war that didn’t show things like the organized murder of tens of thousands of Jews and others behind the lines by the Einsatzgruppen, it was perhaps because the photos were taken by people like Franz Roth—who was, we learn from Scharnberg’s report, simultaneously an “AP photographer, SS-Oberscharführer (senior squad leader) and photojournalist in the SS Propaganda Company (SS-PK).” In his SS role, Roth took propaganda images showing Soviet prisoners as ugly human specimens—and AP, in turn, “received exclusive rights to the propaganda photos,” which were published in newspapers in Atlanta and Los Angeles.


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