Cuckoo clock dating marks info

These clocks possess a third chain hoist mechanism, and thus also a third weight which drives the musical drum.

In addition to the music, dancers move about on a rotating disc underneath the cuckoo's door.

There is also disagreement about when and where the first clock was built with the cuckoo mechanism.

It can be presumed that a mechanism by means of which a cuckoo figurine produced its unmistakable sound via a small organ pipe and bellows was first developed parallel in other units with figurines.

Here you can find little clocks that have no cuckoo, but a cuckoo sound, somewhat larger ones with birds, and clocks with a quarter-hour call, in which the cuckoo calls out once every 15 minutes.

The production of cuckoo clocks demands a great deal of experience and manual dexterity.

After a short time already, the cuckoo had so to speak “conquered” this form of clock case for itself, and the ultimate triumph of the cuckoo clock as we know it had begun.

Flashy colors or austere geometry and the usage of typical traditional decorative elements in a new design creatively challenge and reinterpret the term “cuckoo clock”.Specialists in different skilled crafts professions are entrusted with the individual work steps, so that these quality demands can be met.Most producers of Black Forest clocks have their own in-house carpentry and carving shops, and consistently put their faith in their own staff.Such elaborately designed masterpieces of artisanal clock-making often have additional movable elements.Traditional motifs such as mill wheels, movable sawmills and beer garden scenarios are especially popular.A cuckoo clock is typically comprised of a pendulum movement to show the time, and a striking mechanism for the cuckoo's sound, both of which are moved by means of a chain hoist.Sophisticated machinery moves the hands and also regularly on the hour causes the bellows fill two small organ pipes located in the clock's interior with air, and then collapse, one right after another.The little house is almost always entwined by a vine tendril with several leaves here. The cuckoo clocks known as chalet clocks naturally also have a little house as well, but it is usually designed as a traditional Black Forest house or manor, with windows, roof shingles that are often carved by hand, flower boxes and other decorative accessories.In addition, it stands on a sometimes rustically, sometimes lavishly decorated platform with scenes from nature or other motifs.The extensive work by hand does not make acuckoo clockunique, but it is far from being a mass-produced product.The manufacturers are not fixated on producing cuckoo clocks at a price that is a cheap as possible; instead they are obligated by tradition to apply high quality standards.


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