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The strongman was unknowingly adopted by Barr's for their Irn-Bru, and later became identified with the Highland Games athlete Adam Brown. G Barr are thought to have sold a drink called 'iron brew' for the first time as early as the summer of 1898.They insist that they never used the specific Iron Brew essence from Stevenson & Howell in any of their drinks but created their own original recipe using a combination of different flavours and ingredients.requesting to make it illegal for Historic Vehicles to be processed through scrappage schemes. They are (left to right) Burnham's 1948 Regal III CFK 340, Eastern Belle 1953 Regal III NXL 847, York Pullman 1954 Regal III JVY 516 and (my favourite) Salisbury / Standerwick / Ribble 1934 Regal I FV 4548.At first sight it seems unlikely that anyone would agree to have a classic bus destroyed in order to save a few pounds on a new car, but one never knows what unscrupulous car salesmen might do to make a sale. Rachel Fielding from Blackburn emailed in October 2017 to say that she and Paul Fielding have purchased KTJ 502, an ex Haslingden Leyland Tiger PS1 with a Burlingham body and are enjoying her to the full. Thanks very much to Ken Jones for the photo - it made my day!

Mr Leishman added: 'A 1908 report on soft drinks in Kansas stated that Ironbrew was dark brown and tasted of vanilla.'A legal action launched by Coca-Cola against copycat brands in 1918 mentioned that consumers were misled when Ironbrew was sold in Coke bottles because it was 'about the colour of Coca-Cola'.'In the UK, the first company to sell the flavour and essence to bottlers was London-based Stevenson & Howell which launched its product in the summer of 1898.He said: 'In my mind, I had always thought that the drink was invented in Scotland.'But, following my research, I find it quite heartening that Irn-Bru has become Scottish through branding and advertising rather than being invented in Scotland.'I was a bit apprehensive about announcing some of these findings to AG Barr plc, particularly the fact that the strongman was invented by an English firm.'Robin Barr and marketing director Jonathan Kemp were extremely helpful though, allowing me access to the company's own archives, answering questions and undertaking their own research as a result of my findings.'The drink was first sold under the name Ironbrew by the New York-based manufacturers and chemicals firm Maas & Waldstein.The firm trademarked the name and successfully sued copycat brands, but it faded from view in the 1920s, with the exception of a few regional markets.It has been driven round the site under its own steam and the volunteers working on it are really looking forward to it being completed and used.It will nicely compliment the Museum's West Bromwich Corporation Daimler and Guy GS." Thanks to Mike for the pictures, and I hope he'll keep us updated about the Dennis. Four fabulous AEC Regals at Roger Burdett's facility just before departing to the Oxford Bus Museum Vintage Transport Festival on 30 July 2017.Researchers claim the drink's roots lie in America.And to make matters worse, it is claimed that it was an English firm which invented the iconic strongman image - a version of which now features on the Barr's Irn-Bru cans and bottles.By 1930 they were operating Dennis and Mc Curd vehicles and this view shows No.15 in their fleet.Mc Curd Motors of Slough was the last in a series of motor manufacturing companies set up by Wallace A. Enterprise bought four Mc Curd coaches in 1928 with 26-seat bodies by Duple (RU 7675, 7858, 78).RU 7858 was No.11 in the fleet, so this has to be one of the other three. At first I assumed that the inscription "Visiting Gough's Cave Cheddar" under the coach was an addition stuck to the photo after the event but I now understand that there were a number of photos taken at this exact location. Mike Rhodes of the Black Country Museum Transport Group kindly sent me this picture of West Bromwich Corporation Daimler CVG6 No.174 (GEA 174).A local photographer must have quite a good little business going, but would have needed to move fast to get the processing and printing done while the passengers visited the caves, which I presume is how it was done. It was new in 1952 with a Weymann 56-seat body and ran in service until the early 1970s when it was given to Dudley Libraries by WMPTE for the then fledging Black Country Museum.


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