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I had to teach myself how to study for the first time. Expectation: I don’t need to learn anatomy/biology/pharmacology because I’m going into (insert specialty here)!It’s easy to say that we don’t need to know this because we’re going into this specialty, or that specialty. Yes, I know it’s hard when every ward has a selection of tasty treats at the nurses’ station.I was going to complete my schooling, go straight into medical school, do my internship at some big fancy hospital, save a lot of lives, and then train as a psychiatrist. And then medical school was happened and completely messed up my plans.Expectation: I can use the same study techniques I used in high school.Doctors' lives are highly stressful, so you may have to help them unwind at the end of the day. A relationship with a doctor is likely to look very different from other types of romantic How's mission is to help people learn, and we really hope this article helped you.But take the example of an elderly gentleman with hypertension. But too much sugar leads to the dreaded sugar crash and makes fatigue worse. Having some sort of meal mid-shift tricks your brain into thinking you’re working normal hours. Try and do bloods and cannulae in a round before patients go to sleep or when they wake up. Write down what you’ve done for every patient you see overnight.

Night shifts are not an excuse to let self care slide, which is what I did.

There’s a lot of it, but we still need to learn it, no matter what we choose to specialize in. If we party all night, we’re not safe to practice during the day. A little while back, I finished my first set of seven nights. I’d been awake a few hours, and had done my best to avoid the second guessing that comes with being a junior doctor responsible for a number of patients overnight – should I have charted antibiotics? I didn’t crash on a busy highway at seventy miles per hour. I’d exhausted my body completely, and it was into bed, get out of bed, back to work.

Doctors don’t use elevators – they take the stairs, it’s quicker. I hadn’t allowed myself time to cope with the events of the night before.

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  1. Once a medical student, now a baby doctor. Blogging about the ups and downs of being an intern, how to make it through, and all my awkward moments -- there's bound to.

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