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First, we are trained in highly technical, narrow fields.It is hard to match those skills with jobs in other areas. Instead of spending the night out on a date, you are home, surfing the Web, and wondering how on Earth you will ever be able to find that perfect someone to share your life with.

Like dating services, employment agencies help clients determine what sort of job they might be attracted to.(Most headhunters make a commission based on the salary of the people they place, so more senior people = higher salary.) Many young scientists ask me if using a headhunter would be a good strategy.I find that it depends greatly on one's background and the position being sought.In the case of personal ads, you only have to go out on one date to see if the person is a possibility.But, as they say, you have to kiss a lot of toads before you find a prince. Although a résumé bank may hook you up with a potential employer, you still have to go through some careful research to find out if the opportunity and the organization is right for you.The same challenges, and choices, exist for people who are trying to find a new job.In fact, job hunting is more like dating than it is like, say, applying to grad school.However, before you go off and sign up with them, you should think about the analogy to dating. As most of you have learned from Dave Jensen's columns, a headhunter is a person who is hired by companies to find good people.Most headhunters are employed not by the job seeker but by the company, and many specialize in finding senior managers and leaders.People who have done the personal ad thing may tell you the same thing! Instead of three lines in a personal ad, you have a single page to summarize your qualifications, experience, and potential.And, like the personal ads, you have NO IDEA who may be reading your stuff.


  1. Job-seekers Job-hunting has strong parallels with dating. Both involve finding right match, meetings with individuals, making long-term commitment.

  2. Parallels Between Online Dating and Finding a Job. By Tia Thomas. If you have been single at some point during the last few years, you have probably learned a thing or two about online dating – an alternate universe of sorts – where the choices appear to be limitless but the candidates, despite detailed profiles, all the.

  3. Sep 9, 2016. Here's how job hunting and dating are basically the same thing 1. Rejection, rejection, rejection. Why do most people dislike job hunting? Because so much of the process involves hearing the words, "thanks, but no thanks". or worse yet, sitting by the proverbial phone and getting no feedback at all.

  4. Jul 13, 2016. Here are 10 parallels between job-hunting and dating. How many of. After all, like most 20-somethings I was in the job market and on the dating scene at the same time! In a job hunt. In job-hunting and in dating, you're getting to know another person or a team -- in the case of the job hunt. Over time.

  5. Nov 22, 2016. For ambitious, career-driven women like me, we don't just want to fall in love with some guy or girl — that's what we're going to do anyway. We want to ALSO fall in love with our careers. If I'm being completely honest here, I want to fall in love with my job first, then hopefully have a meet-cute with the hot.

  6. Feb 2, 2015. Well, you've found yourself back on the prowl for one of the most difficult things to find a job or a boyfriend. Whatever ended the last one -- whether this person or job wasn't satisfying you, there were too many conflicts or you just outgrew each

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