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The market for US-made inexpensive handguns was wide open.

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The corporate headquarters of the gun business remained at Lockport, but receivers that were made at the E&R facility were marked “Gasport, NY” and before the merger, “E&R Machining”.

It is a redesign of the .22 Sterling as a pocket pistol.

A sortie around the net revealed an interesting page on the PPL, with some history and some decent photos.

There have been several companies named Sterling that have sold guns over the years.

There was the British maker of military arms and AR-180s, now defunct; an outfit in California; a company making cheap revolvers (perhaps the same); and a New York maker of auto pistols.


  1. I'd been using my Remington 581 bolt.22, that I bought new in the early 70's but the guys that I hunt with all shoot semi auto rim fires. You know, fast and furious~ Ruger 10/22's and Smith M&P 15/22's are most commonly used. The 10/22 is small for me, and felt like a kids gun. Out of the box, it's accuracy is mediocre and I.

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