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Indeed, the method of collection appears somewhat recklessly, and in just six months of period alone, the still images of about 1.8 million users were captured and stored in the government servers in 2008.

There are three basic approaches to conducting quick remote interface tests, whether you’re testing live websites, designs, wireframes, or prototypes.You lose the bigger picture of usage, which can give you a misleading picture of what your users are doing on your website.At any rate, each automated research tool works differently, but most tools can be sorted into a few broad categories by their purpose.Fortunately, the internet makes it easy to get direct feedback from real users with quick, cheap, guerilla-style usability testing.Using some of the new web applications popping up, you can effectively do remote user research—that is, user research conducted over the phone and your computer.Some are capable of giving you Javascript video recordings of actual usage; others make “clickmaps” and “heatmaps” that graphically visualize the most-clicked areas. Regardless of what kind of automated research you do, I encourage you to do it only to supplement the kind of rich behavioral research we describe above—it’s no substitute for watching a real person use your product.Unattended qualitative research is useful if you’ve already built some functional elements of your design or application, and you want to hear actual user voices talking about your interface, but you just don’t have the time, desire, or social skills to talk to them directly.Task elicitation is similar to web analytics, but gives users specific task prompts, such as: “Suppose you want to buy a new sofa.Where on this page would you click to find information about the sofa?This is a cutting-edge niche of remote research, which takes advantage of the increasing webcam and rich media capabilities many users now have.Unattended qualitative research services get users to submit webcam videos, images, and/or spoken feedback about your product.


  1. Apr 25, 2017. Nordstrom is catching a lot of criticism for selling a $425 pair of jeans designed to look muddy and dirty.

  2. The Dirty Onion is a traditional public house with a modern twist. Upstairs, the Yardbird restaurant serves free range rotisserie chicken restaurant daily.

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