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THE LOST CHILD – Often a younger (or the youngest) child, this personality type has learned to stay out of the way, not make his/her wants known and to expect nothing.

They avoid feeling by denying that they have feelings.

Most of us have experienced some dysfunction in our family of origin.

The reprint begins with: FAMILY HERO – An achiever, usually (but not always) the oldest child.

THE DOORMAT – The abused child who survives by lying down and letting others walk all over him/her, rather than risk an unpleasant or dangerous confrontation.

This child is very understanding of the need someone else may have to injure him/her, but cannot identify his/her feelings about the abuse in the past or present.

This is also the child who holds the family together — the family rallies to help the family jerk.

He/She learns to remain dysfunctional to continue receiving the little attention available in a dysfunctional home by making the family “okay” by being the focus of all that is “not okay” which all members of the family vaguely sense.

As we learn to harness the vast power and energy of the subconscious mind, we are tapping into our real source.

Often a workaholic who can identify other’.4 needs and meet them, but is without an understanding of their own needs.

This is often a child who uses their success to find a sense of belonging — the one who shows the family is “all right,” but who is unable to feel the benefit of his/her achievements.

THE ACTING OUT CHILD or THE REBEL – This child is in action at the slightest provocation, whether as an heroic action to prevent abuse to someone else (by distracting the abuser) or to protect himself/herself with wildness.

This is the child who is most visible to the outside world and who may adopt alcoholism, drug addiction or other compulsive behavior early in defiance of the family system.


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