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Frequency of dates when first dating pua

If you’ve have a girl you have been out with a few times, who is keen to kissing, etc.Then I advocate only texting the woman 1-2 times a week in between setting up your dates.Example #1: Usually the less a girl is into you initially then the harder time you’ll have to work to create a connection that would keep her.

So to put it briefly, if you have kissed a woman, then don’t text her greater than 1-2 times a week in between seeing her face-to-face.

Remember, you’re only spending 15 dollars at most so who cares? If you’re already very good at quickly laying new women, some of these rules may not apply to you and you’re welcome to make exceptions whenever you like.

have heard this question quite a bit lately from those who like to send me random questions on both social media and via email.

This is basically having a flexible strategy that one is willing to change based on the circumstances they are faced with.

The better you are at calibrating then the better you will be at seducing different women from all different walks of life.


  1. He calibrates his communication frequency to. improving their dating life and getting more hot dates in less than 30 days. PUA Lingo so you can.

  2. Frequency of dates when first dating. lesbian speed dating dallas tx. Menu. Frequency of dates when first dating pua.

  3. First Date Rules For Men. 1. not first dates. Note. Women will usually disagree with dating advice given by men that works.

  4. How often should you contact someone in between the first. Anyone dating or in a relationship should. What are good choices for the first, second and third dates?

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