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The fortifications will comprise “about 1,500 kilometers of trenches and connecting trenches; more than 8,000 dug-in emplacements for military hardware and more than 4,000 trench shelters; and the creation of a 60-kilometer [barrier] of non-explosive entanglements.” See TASS report (June 11).

Editor comments: fortifications this massive constitute a military offensive action insofar as they enhance Ukrainian Army assault capabilities. This sad description of loss of homes and human life is presented by the Kharkov News Agency.

“Their real goals and objectives are obvious, that is to use blockade and aggression against Transdnistria in order to provoke a response from Russia against Ukraine while at the same time pushing Russia to act; to continue to tear Russia apart from within and without by ratcheting up sanctions, seizing foreign-based assets, stirring internal dissent, destabilizing Russia’s borderlands, and inciting Europe and NATO towards a military confrontation with Russia,” notes Kunchukov.

He goes on to list “steps and activities [that] have enabled the Russian Armed Services to successfully conduct the whole range of missions required in order to secure the Russian Military Contingent in Transdnistria and achieve a number of other important goals.” The detailed report may be found at Voice of Sevastopol under Kolesnikov Slams Kiev Officials.

The second meeting of Pope Francis and Russian President Vladimir Putin was held on Wednesday, June 10, at the Vatican. Although the two looked at each other once they sat down in the meeting room, they remained silent until the door was closed.

Pope Francis was described as being ‘very serious’ from the moment the two greeted each other, although he began to warm up a bit during the group photo.” Putin gave the Pope a golden embroidery of the church of San Salvatore, while Pope Francis gave the president a large medal of the Angel of Peace crafted by artist Guido Veroi as well as a copy of his apostolic exhortation Evangelii Gaudium.

He is accompanied by the incumbent head of the Donetsk Regional State Administration Oleksandr Kikhtenko and [recently appointed] future Governor of the Donetsk region Pavlo Zhebrivskyi.

The itinerary of Poroshenko’s travel has not been disclosed.

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With the Minsk Agreements as fragile as they are, Dontesk People’s Republic Prime Minister Alexander Zakharchenko is thinking beyond this measure of peaceful reconciliation to a scenario of independence for the DPR.You can have ease of mind knowing the person you are trusting is legitimate.We provide the professional background check services in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia.We are seeking a map of these offensive fortifications and ask readers to submit information. “Today around 16 hours was again shelled a residential district October in Donetsk.The shells brought considerable destruction to peaceful homes.In a succinct summation of DPR policy, Donetsk People’s Republic Minsk contact group envoy Denis Pushilin told the Rossiya-24 TV channel on Wednesday that “Donbass is not ready to be ‘under Kiev’s rule,’ which would be ‘akin to suicide’ for Donetsk and Lugansk that were subject to Kiev’s special military operation in April 2014 in response to local residents’ refusal to recognize the new coup-installed government.” He added, “But contractual relations within the framework of international processes are possible and are not excluded.” For more see Sputnik report Zhebrivskyi Appointed New Donetsk Governor.Kiev regime leader Petro Poroshenko has appointed Pavlo Zhebrivskyi the new Governor of the Ukraine-held region of the Donetsk Oblast, replacing Oleksandr Kikhtenko, who was dismissed on the grounds of “inappropriate fulfillment of his duties.” Source: Ukraine Today report / edited by Quemado Institute / June 11, 2015 / President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has arrived in Mariupol.See Catholic News Agency article Putin Firmly Controls Russian Government.Pavel Shipilin, a political analyst close to the inner circles of the government of Russia, refutes the popular notion that the Russian Federation’s course is set by pro-West oligarchs and traitors.“The president inspects the fortifications near Mariupol,” president’s spokesman Sviatoslav Tseholko wrote on Twitter.Quemado Institute comments: The Governer of the Kiev-held part of the Donetsk Oblast Oleksandr Kikhtenko has been dismissed, with Pavlo Zhebrivskyi appointed as his replacement.


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