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Interracial dating in america dvd

Commercials with white men coupled with black women don’t cause nearly as much disagreement as the inverse.

Maybe it’s because white men are seen as improving a black woman’s life, saving her from black men who are more interested in dating white women, if various statistics are to be believed.

Many brands over the last several years have had ads that feature black women with white men, and yet they didn’t cause anywhere near the level of controversy as the Cheerios ads.

Why does seeing a black man with a white woman stir up a hornet’s nest of racism, but not the reverse?

In an attempt to share the ad, the MSNBC twitter account posted: “Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family.” Republican outrage followed.

Many conservatives responded with the hashtag #myrightwingbiracialfamily, posting pictures of their multiracial families to combat stereotypes, a striking contrast to a poll from a few years ago that indicated a large number of southern Republicans still opposed interracial marriage.

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Today, interracial romances are commonly depicted on the small and big screen, alike. As recently as the 1960s, cinema featuring interracial love stories faced boycotts and banning in parts of the U. Despite such opposition, filmmakers persisted in developing storylines with interracial couples.

MSNBC president Phil Griffin issued an apology, which Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus accepted.

The American public seems more willing to accept (or ignore) seeing a black woman with a white man than a black man with a white woman.

It’s interesting to note that with the first Cheerios ad, the black husband and white wife were never in the same room together, and it still was still alarming.

Three years ago, Sealy Mattresses released a commercial that features at least two white men in interracial couples in a clearly sexual situation, and there was barely any recognition.


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