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3) Appointments made in outlook sync to blackberry. Appointments made in blackberry do NOT sync to outlook 4) event view error: [BIPPe] WARNING: Using default BIPP shared Secret (source: Exchange Connector Event ID: 20000) 5) tried shutting down all blackberry services, un registering cdo.dll, re-registering and starting service. no users are able to create calendar items on their blackberry devices and have them appear in outlook. I run this BB tool on the BES and tell me this: [MAPI_SUBSYSTEM] MAPI32. However, if some one else sends me a meeting invite, I can accept on either desktop outlook or bb and the appt will show up in both bb and desktop outlook.This sounds like something specific with my desktop outlook. I've had no problems syncing my 8100 with Outlook 2007 since I got it earlier this year.An employee may receive donations of annual leave from pooled donations from fellow employees and employees of other agencies if adversely affected by a major disaster or emergency, as declared by the President, that causes severe hardship to the employee or family member to such a degree that the employee's absence from work is required (see Emergency Leave Transfer program for Major Disasters or Emergencies).Annual leave is an employee benefit and accrues automatically.

To check where it is registered, ref the following article: Black Berry Search Results If it is registered in the incorrect location, re-register and restart the Dispatcher service.

I and one other guy use the 8700, he hasn't mentioned any issues. Sorry for the late reply, but I don't get on this site that often. I have confirmed that is also present on the BES Server. We are running Exchange 2003 on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise Bes 4.1 on Server 2003 Standard.1) is registered in the Bin subfolder under the Exchsrvr folder, correct? DLL: 6.5.7638.2 (C:\WINNT\system32\cdo.dll) Where is supposed to have to be the MAPI32 and EMSMDB32 files on the BES?

Please explain in full the issue you're having (appointments created in Outlook not synching to blackberry, or vice versa, or both..), what version of BES, Exchange, etc... later Adam I am also having an issue with my 8700 updating my outlook 2007 calendar through cellular connection. I have also confirmed that the service account has full admin rights to the exchange server (had to add that) and restarted the exchange store. 2) Do appointments made/edited in Outlook not synch to the blackberry, or vice versa, or both? I run this BB tool on the BES and tell me this: [MAPI_SUBSYSTEM] MAPI32.

3) Here was my problem: Service account has incorrect rights in Exchange.

Our service account was a member of the domain admins group.


  1. Outlook Calendar not syncing. if some one else sends me a meeting invite. IT guys are scratching their heads on this one.

  2. CPC Working Group Meeting Notes June 12. besides the customer not updating their mailing. o Utilities would like a heads-up of large events for CAL to be sent.

  3. Less Meeting's 5 Email Templates For Following Up On Action. over your action item for updating the. me a heads up and let me know if you need me to.

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