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A gentleman helped her swing her bag up into the overhead compartment amid all the other arms and elbows in the crowded aisle. Thanks a lot." she smiled at the gray-haired man in a light gray suit, admiring his blue eyes. Most of the seats were soon filled and a few stragglers hurried up and down the aisle looking for space in the overhead. He passed and took a seat across the aisle and two rows to the rear. She left her belt on, her elbow on the arm of the seat and her book poised on upturned fingers. And there they were, those same blue-green eyes and they were locked on her with an intense stare. She remembered resting her arm on his thigh and finding the warm, firm length of his cock there against her soft virginal flesh. Through it all, she had maintained a certain line and he grudgingly respected her for it. The empty wine bottle thrust into the bucket of ice seemed erotic too. Mentally she chastised herself and sat up straighter with resolve. " "Sure, why not." She had a definite buzz in her head now and the words were flowing easily as wine. When she came back from the ladies room, he noticed her dress was unbuttoned. A little bit of a lace brassiere showed now with a lovely soft hint of her breasts. "You look beautiful." She shook her head, but smiled at him. Her seat was on the aisle and she nodded to the young girl stowing her backpack under the seat in front of her. Lots of disgusted slamming of full doors, more harried searching. She knew it was he, but wasn't sure she wanted to admit it. The back of her neck reddened and she kept her eyes on the book in her lap. She quickly looked down and away pretending to be looking for something. The windows would steam over in cold winter nights as he pressed it against her mound through tight blue jeans. Most nights he went home with a bad case of what was referred to as 'lover's nuts.' Toward the end of the school year however, Robby sought more from a senior girl friend. She became pregnant and in the way of the community in those days, they 'had to get married.' Katy's first "white Knight in shining armor' had crushed her young dreams. The thought of watching an erect prick thrust manfully into her pussy flashed through her mind to be brushed aside hurriedly. Desc: Coming of Age Sex Story: Katy is snowbound with the "bad-boy"boyfriend from her first year in high school. But really, I didn't have a chance to change into something more comfortable ... here I am." "Looks nice, though." The younger girl smiled at her and put her pencil to a crossword puzzle. In spite of herself, she smiled and read the same page for the fifth time. He was the first boy to touch her breasts in a serious way, scooping them out of the cups of her sturdy Maidenform brassieres. And he had stopped forcing her down into his lap that time. " They laughed together, each remembering nights long ago in the Chevy when she let him take her breasts out of her brassiere. She was aware that she was moistening between her legs. They shared each other's dessert, his a large chocolate brownie with ice cream and caramel poured over; hers a modest little Crème Brulee. After twenty years the memories are a challenge to her wedding vows. Don't have anything but my purse anyway." "How long is this flight, do you know? Thanks." More bags slammed and some of the compartments were slammed shut. Katy managed to avoid looking back until they were at altitude and the fasten seat belt sign had binged off. She remembered being terribly nervous about putting her panties in the laundry because they bore evidence of his making her moist between her legs on every night of necking. With the joy that can only come in those youthful days, they explored each other's bodies thoroughly. "Are they still as sensitive as they were in those days? I mean just playing with them a little made you purr with pleasure." "Stop it! The romantic aspect of feeding him with her spoon; the care needed to hold it poised before his lips, then carefully insert it suggestively between open lips was not lost on her. The wine steward poured more wine and she was surprised that she had emptied her glass once again. I shouldn't" Her rejection had softened, though, and she didn't mention calling home. " The golden liquor slipped easily down her throat and warmed her body. All snuggled up by the fire out of the snowstorm." "Oh, good." He said. She had even reluctantly told her husband some of the details during sex one night. We're both married and we shouldn't talk like that." She was blushing furiously and crossed her arms across her chest to hide the nipples showing through the dress. Wondered if you ever regretted saying no to me all those nights? Did you ever think about saying yes and letting me get into your panties? my father was right, I shouldn't have been going out with you. "Then I found out how much you liked them and I started liking them too." The waitress filled her wine glass, and she took another sip. He kept asking about it and seemed to find some excitement in getting her to tell him little snippets of their hot penetration-less love making in Robby's old Chevy. " she asked as she came out of her reverie about her sexual awakening. Do you remember all those nights you sent me home with sore nuts? Katy had long wondered how she would react to being near him again. " She took a long drink and stared back at him over the rim, her elbows on the table and the glass perched on two hands. You can just nod or shake your head." She looked at him long and hard. The small smile came slowly, then she blinked her eyes and broke the eye contact, looking down at the table, pretending to brush away a few non-existing crumbs. You were a terribly bad influence, you know." "I'll bet you use things I taught you on your husband, eh? "And you still have the prettiest eyes of anyone I ever knew." She smiled softly, and she realized it had been a long time since anyone told her that. She felt his leg press a little closer touching their calves in addition to their knees. She knew it was possible that the old feelings would still be there if they were together. But he bounced back very quickly, mentioning one of the good times. When she returned from the restroom he was on the barstool and she offered to stand for a while. " You were never very good at compromising, Katy dear." "No, and a good thing the Sisters taught me so well! They still didn't have to talk to communicate, she thought. Katy noticed all the men hold their drinks up high and face her so they could look her up and down as she passed. A waiter carried the remainders of their second drink on a little tray. At first she didn't catch it, or thought she heard wrong. " "I say, if he is not much of a dancer, is he at least good in bed? "Quit saying things like that, you know they embarrass me." She smiled a tiny smile. She squeezed back in spite of her resolve, then pulled away and pressed her napkin to her lips.

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She was known as one of the nice girls and it was known among the boys that nothing below the waist was tolerated with Katy. Connect With Us At KPIX 5 PROGRAM GUIDE: KPIX 5 TV Schedule WATCH: A Glimpse Inside The Working KPIX 5 Newsroom Breaking News Send news tips, video & photos, and video to the KPIX 5 newsroom My Pix Share your weather, news, or event photos Consumer Watch Got a problem?We want to help you resolve it […]Welcome to KCBS All News 106.9FM | 740AM LISTEN LIVE RIGHT NOW: KCBS Live Audio Stream Click here to visit the Newsroom LIKE KCBS Radio On Facebook: KCBS is the Bay Area’s only all news station, serving listeners with local, national and world news around the clock, traffic and weather […]The National Rifle Association is facing a corporate backlash as companies take a closer look at their investments, co-branding deals and other ties to the gun industry following the latest school massacre.Always, she was a one boyfriend at a time girl, though she changed boy friends regularly. and so young." He smiled with a small satisfaction. That would be like a date." "Have you forgotten how? But now, even twenty years later, her best friends from those days kept the memories fresh and asked if she still thought of Robby even after being married since graduating from College. She shook her head as though clearing the cobwebs of memory, smiled at him and said, "Ah well, so long ago ... " "You had the most wonderful boobs in the whole school, do you remember? God, I was the first in my class to have boobs and I was embarrassed." She paused, staring at him over the rim of the wine glass. Just keeping in touch, letting him know I am safe." "Why would he think you weren't safe? (2-24-18)Many downtown streets in San Francisco will be closed along the route of the Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade Saturday afternoon and motorists should take alternative routes, organizers said.Caution: This Coming of Age Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Romantic, Reluctant, Heterosexual, True Story, Do Over, Cheating, White Couple, First, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Size, Leg Fetish, Big Breasts, . "Well, that sounds like him," she thought sardonically. While she had been one of the 'good girls' she had enough of the renegade to be attracted by the wise-guy senior classman and by the pleasures of adolescent sex. He taught her first French kiss, which she really liked. "Stop saying things like that." But inside she felt her nipples crisp at the suggestion. See those well-filled bra cups one more time before I die! The warmth spreading from his thigh to her nylon-covered leg was enormous. She had not moved close this time, their legs were not touching now and she was more comfortable about it. Her upbringing kept her a virgin, in spite of his best efforts. His hand was warm on her thigh, the fingers touching nylon and his palm the skirt of her dress. " "No." He sighed quietly, knowing it was too important to him, knowing that she unbuttoned to let him glimpse her breasts a little bit more. surely..." he grinned the crooked grin she could never resist in high school. He had a car and in it he had taught her a lot about sex and kissing and making out. The dance floor was crowded with all those twenty-something girls and boys writhing together. And there were fancy colored drinks of unpronounceable names and unfamiliar contents to be drunk. The third song took them into slow dancing position amid the flashing lights of the club. And the hands fondling her thrilled her body like a bow exciting the taut strings of a violin.


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