Online dating taboo

But then, those people probably don't write in excruciating detail about their love/sex life in a national magazine, so I'm not going to be quite as coy about admitting - I ONLINE DATE.

And reassuringly, I'm far from alone - with new stats showing a fairly sizeable third of UK couples now meeting online. But for those of you who haven't tried it - what's it really like to date online?

Right now, while you have been reading this text, 2 mln users got acquainted and start communicating in our application.

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They just fade into the miasma of dating faces and you meet up with number two on the list (weirdly, often the second best guy turns out to actually be better).

You can multi-date - In fact it's hard to avoid it.

We change the game: meet, date hookup, flirt, share your fantasies and bring them to life - it is as easy as pie!Because - aside from knowing how awesome you are anyway - you have a load of other guys telling you this in message format. Phase him out for a while and see what Mr Ph D/Award-winning Playwright has to offer (clue: conversation).CONSThe photo thing - It's not just that people post the one good photo where lighting, shadows and angle combine to create AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT FACE (NB if they only have one photo, there's generally a reason for this - avoid). The chemistry thing - Yes they might be super attractive, you might have swapped eight trillion perfectly-written emails, but when you finally meet face to face - there's just A GIANT WALL OF NOTHING. It makes you super fussy - Yes, you might start with a rough rubric of 'reasonably cute...Once we find something above that level, great, let’s try it."Added to this, the metrics used by online dating services may not be the kind we naturally gravitate toward.As Dan Ariely explains in his Big Think interview, dating is a lot like tasting wine: being able to describe what you like is less important than the experience of liking it.Is it the modern day solution to finding the perfect partner?Or just another way to explore the hells of dating?Taboo a short time ago, online dating is now widely accepted, but has the effectiveness of finding a mate on the Internet changed along with our opinion of it? From what we know about the limits of human cognition, we appear ill-suited to sift through the thousands, if not millions, of potential dates waiting for us out there.Indeed it wasn't until virtual networks came into existence that the smaller circles we once ran in--and dated in--became unsatisfying.We took the most difficult part upon ourselves: • picked up an audience of real people willing to date, • added a feature of geolocation search to the app,• ensured absolute privacy of users,• created a user-friendly system of dating only in case of mutual affinity,• added a feature of easy choice of a partner by photo, and • found you to change your view of dating once and for all!It doesn't matter if you're a newcomer to online dating or have already tried other apps, we have something to surprise you!


  1. From Tinder to Grindr, online dating has firmly taken the place of cupid as the number one matchmaker on the planet.

  2. Oct 16, 2015. Remember when online dating used to be taboo? You wouldn't dare admit your new love interest was the result of a lot of late-night emailing. Hell, even your best friend thought the two of you met through your cousin's sister's ex-boyfriend. Or maybe,

  3. Feb 10, 2013. For some, online dating is still taboo - something they don't really want to admit to, and will happily concoct a backstory to gloss over, should they actually meet anyone. But then, those people probably don't write in excruciating detail about their love/sex life in a national magazine, so I'm not going to be.

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