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Radajaxmanager not updating radcombobox

THE SOLUTION: It seemed that the ajax manager was unable to locate exactly which controls were being updated and where exactly to put the loading panel correctly.The solution I came up with was to use a Rad Ajax Manager Proxy inside of the control to specify the controls to ajaxify, update, and show loading panel for.As a result, DES scales down features to server side only. DES 5.0.4 detects the new User Agent which ensures the full client-side experience.←Back to Library disclaimer & policies Finally I’ve kicked back and started blogging on telerik, after quite a few years of daily usage of telerik controls including that for asp-net Ajax including an highly sophisticated and fairly complex 4 web-forms application, needing performance enhancements.The Rad AJAXManager functionality seems to work just fine outside of the context of Sitefinity v.3.7 SP4, however, when I place the User Control inside of Sitefinity v.

This is a big concept, though, so this is a longer than usual Telerik Watch Minute.

You should get this release because earlier releases do not support Internet Explorer 11 with a client side experience. If you have any other version, please go here for directions: Internet Explorer 11 requires upgrade or hotfix to work This release is based on the release of Fire Fox v17.

That browser changed its User Agent string in a way that prevents DES from recognizing the browser.

Hi, According to your code, you set Auto Post Back property to false, so if you only operate Rad Combobox control, it will not do postback, so you need to add a postback in On Client Selected Index Changed event.

In case that you want to directly contact the Progress Sitefinity team use the support center.


  1. RadGrid Filtered by RadComboBox. The grid is populated through an asynchronous call that is made using a RadAjaxManager instance which

  2. Telerik Radcombobox onclientselectedchange event is not firing on first help telerikradcombobox id="cmbTest" runat="server" Sort="none" MarkFirstMatch=&q.

  3. I am uising RadControls for AJAX Q1 2010 NET35 For some reason the OnSelectedIndexChanged event is not

  4. Could you check whether you have RadAjaxManager in your. time that's not working. John. able to click the dropdown portion of the RadComboBox

  5. I am trying to refresh both the RadComboBox when the. RadAjaxManager ID. ErrorMessage="State can not be empty" SetFocusOnError="True.

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