Radiometric dating exercises

The transgressive sedimentary sequence on Grand Cayman is similar to transgressive sedimentary sequences described from the Florida Everglades-mangrove complex, Florida Bay and the Belize Shelf.On Grand Cayman, however, the stratigraphy is less complex because there are not extensive freshwater peat-forming environments, or intertidal and supratidal carbonate environments.

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With dinosaurs as focal point, course also introduces the student to how hypotheses in geological and paleobiological science are formulated and tested.

How earthquakes affect human life: shaping landscape, hazards. View course details in My Plan: ESS 202 ESS 203 Glaciers and Global Change (5) I&S/NWExplores how glaciers record climate change and human activities through bubbles of ancient air and trace impurities in the ice.

Laboratory explores physical processes associated with earthquakes. Also reviews glaciers impact on societies through sea-level, coastlines, water supplies, and transportation routes. View course details in My Plan: ESS 203 ESS 204 The Paleobiology and Geobiology of Mass Extinctions (3-4) NW P.

Includes weekly visits to labs in ESS and related fields. View course details in My Plan: ESS 119 ESS 201 Earth's Climate System (3) NW E.

Steig Earth's dynamic environment, global energy balance, interplay of chemical, physical, and biological processes shaping the Earth's surface and climate.


  1. There are also study guides, activities, and of course date exercises you can download. Saying and comprehending numbers and dates can be challenging.

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