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That means we speak up, we’re opinionated, we speak our minds, and we’re passionate. Scientific research shows that redheads, on average, need larger doses of anesthesia in order to block their pain. And it turns out that maybe there’s a reason for that.But hey, at least you’ll always know where you stand. It has to do with the gene mutation that is also responsible for red hair. A University of Hamburg study found that redheaded women had more active sex lives than blondes or brunettes.Candle lit tables, love hearts, red roses and a whirlwind introduction to every single person by Advertise" href="#53068109"Did you know that the redhead gene is recessive and science tells us that it takes two MC1R ginger gene carriers to have a redhead child.

We really are a unique breed, and we’re not always like other girls.

But let me tell it to you straight: I think redheads (and the guys, in particular) get a bad rap.

And I'm here to represent the devoted girlfriends (and boyfriends) of gingers everywhere.

I'm not exactly looking forward to the "carrot top" cracks, or the digs about my fiance and I having our own Weasley family.

But I still say, give me a Harry over a William any day. They're Less Likely To Get Prostate Cancer Those ginger genes are keeping his health in check. Thanks to University of Hamburg for discovering that people with red hair are getting it on more than everyone else.


  1. Dec 1, 2015. A new international dating site for redheads has enjoyed its biggest success to date in Ireland, pulling in close to 30,000 members in just over a month. Red Head Dates, a niche online dating service, was established recently to help singletons all over the world find romance with flame-haired partners.

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