Rss feed not updating in google reader

In particular, those using shared Web hosts should make sure that they can access the TMP_DIRECTORY and MAGPIE_CACHE_DIR directories.

Once you save the configuration file, bring up in your browser, and you should see the TT-RSS interface. You can subscribe to individual feeds through the "Subscribe to feed" option in the Actions menu on the right.

There are plenty of free software feed readers to choose from, even if you look just at the Web-based options that allow you to access your reading list from anywhere.

Gregarius, Gobble RSS, Newsbeuter all have loyal followings.

If you are already using Google Reader or another feed reader, you can save tremendous amounts of time by exporting your existing subscriptions as an Outline Processor Markup Language (OPML) file.

This is a standard format, supported by most feed readers for both import and export.

You are more likely to find troubleshooting help if something goes wrong, and bug fixes and new features come down the pipe more quickly.

TT-RSS's OPML importer is accessible through the Preferences link in the upper right-hand corner, under the "Feeds" tab.

While you are in the Preferences, it might help to take a look at the general Preferences tab for a couple of time-saving settings.

Finally, the system can send email updates to alert you of new registrations (if you enable the optional multi-user mode) or to send a daily digest; here again you may need to check with your hosting provider to make sure that you can use the system mail transfer agent (MTA).

Once you have the prerequisites, download the latest source package from the project's Web site, and unpack it into the target directory on your server.


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