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My parents reluctantly agreed to drive me back the following morning, and so began another round of mind games.

Four weeks later, I was invited to London for the third round, and travelled down alone by train.

I've always been an extrovert, but I didn't have any ambitions to be famous.

After completing a GNVQ in business studies and a National Diploma in dance, I'd just started classes for my English A-level, which I was enjoying.

I'd convinced myself this was my ticket to fame and I wasn't going to let anyone stand in my way."Say you're going on holiday at the start of May." I couldn't believe it. Over the next few days I started packing, planning each outfit.I could kick myself now, but my head was in the clouds.Then came the news I had been waiting for: "You have been picked to be a Big Brother housemate." My stomach flipped and I stifled a scream, especially as she then warned me I was forbidden from telling anyone."Start thinking of excuses to tell your friends," I was told.By then it was the beginning of April and the start of the next series was looming.I set my bag down in the hotel room and headed to the studios for another day of trials in London.Within minutes of arriving, I'd been picked out of thousands of hopefuls and whisked to the front of the queue by a production assistant.'I determined to get noticed'I was so determined to get noticed that I was putting on an act, making out I was extra loud and super-confident.Using the handle of my hairbrush, I crushed a whole bottle of paracetamol tablets into a potentially lethal powder.I had every intention of swallowing it, but my mother came in and found me lying on my bed, sobbing.


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  2. There are moments where one must act like a respectable journalist. And then there are these moments. Sam Heughan, the lead of our new TV obsession, Starz.

  3. Sam Roland Heughan born 30 April 1980 is a Scottish actor, known for his role as Jamie Fraser in the Starz series Outlander, for which he received two nominations.

  4. This is a list of the housemates of sixth series, broadcast in 2005, of the UK version of Big Brother, where they were observed by television viewers 24 hours a day.

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