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My body type is, I guess, a few ext I AM A NICE PERSON, I love Samoan and mixed samoan guys I also date Hawaiian guys too but not white guys, I like Samoan,reggae,tyga and hip-hop music I am used to smokers because duh I go waipahu high p hello, my hobbies are playin sport, volleyball, sophball, basketball stuff like that.

My name is junia i am half American half black, i usually spend part my time reading my novel, i love swimming, visiting beach, pools, etc.

While early sites on some other islands in Polynesia are now beneath water (e.g., the Mulifanua Lapita Pottery site on 'Upolu [Green & Davidson 1967]), the evidence to date indicates that early sites in American Samoa will be found on the shores of prehistoric embankments that have subsequently filled in with sand.

They brought me up Jewish but relaxed religious styles were applied to my life.A large defensive wall on the Tafuna Plain, Tutuila Island, is listed on the National Register, and there are plans to nomiinate a fortification site on Ofu Island.When not at war in later prehistory Samoans lived in villages; in American Samoa these were mostly in coastal areas. In some cases the remains are still visible on the surface while in other places the evidence of prehistoric use is all below the ground surface.Warfare was also prevalent among the Manu'a islands.Oral traditions in the Manu'a islands refer to leaders of islands to the west (Fiji, Western Samoa, etc.) visiting Manu'a on sometimes hostile missions. This information is provided for anyone traveling to Samoa or wanting to converse with Samoan friends and relatives. Use the links below to browse the simple lists of words and phrases. This is a basic introduction to the Samoan language (Gagana Samoa) that includes an English-Samoan glossary and Bible verses.Domesticated plants were transported for cultivation. This period is represented in American Samoa by deeply stratified archaeological sites such as To'aga on Ofu (Kirch & Hunt eds.1993) and 'Aoa on Tutuila (Clark & Michlovic 1996).Archaeological sites representing the early occupation of Samoa will be targeted for future National Register nominations. This might explain why there was an apparent "dark ages" in Samoan prehistory - pottery bearing sites were all assumed to date to the earliest period of Samoan prehistory and hence charcoal was often not collected from upper pottery bearing deposits for dating. One site type that was probably utilized during this period are the stone quarries.It has been conventionally accepted that pottery manufacture ceased in Samoa sometime shortly after A. 300 (see Clark & Michlovic 1996 for a summary of the conventional view; A. To date 4 large and about 6 smaller quarries have been identified on Tutuila Island.


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