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Senior dating west palm beach florida

Last year Forbes Magazine included Jacksonville on its list of top retirement places, noting the low cost of living, wide availability of cultural and medical amenities, and, of course, the pleasant climate.Outside of Jacksonville, there are a number of quaint towns that seniors may find appealing, including historic St. S., and Fernandina Beach, one of Florida’s many lovely beach towns.Many seniors and their families also appreciate that the area is somewhat protected against hurricanes, being inland.Southeast Florida is the most culturally rich, ethnically diverse part of Florida, so seniors of all stripes will feel at home.

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But Central Florida is much more than theme parks; the region offers many lakes for recreational fun, and is a haven for anglers and boaters of all ages.

Looking north of Orlando, we find an oddity called “The Villages”, a literal city of seniors.

Age restricted and gated like fortress, the community has more than 50,000 older residents.

Yet further North is Ocala, “The Horse Capitol of the World” and Central Florida’s foremost city for retirees.


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