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2015 Cofounds Minneapolis video technology start-up Vidku, serving as executive chairman.

The term Twin Cities serial IT entrepreneur Phil Soran coined to describe himself and the culture of the remarkable businesses he has launched is “positive-aggressive.” Put simply, “positive aggressive” combines “doing what it takes to win,” while doing so ethically.

And great things were what the XIOtech founders achieved.

“I was more the salesman, CEO and fundraiser,” Soran says.

Some days the pressure of launching into the unknown, with a large family to support, could feel nearly overwhelming.

But “pressure can cause great things to happen,” Soran says.

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Vidku Phil Soran is the start-up’s executive chairman; his cofounders are Charlie Miller (chief design officer) and Jim Leslie (CEO, founder of local tech success story Midwave). in math education from the University of Northern Colorado; teaches junior-high math in Colorado after graduation.

“I look back and I can’t believe I started a company,” he says.Sōran Bushi accompanies the bon dance in many parts of Japan, and it has its own dancing styles that date back generations. Those words were used in the past to encourage the fisherman during their work. The dance acts by acting ocean waves, fishermen dragging nets, pulling ropes and lifting luggage over their shoulders. An excerpt from "Sōran Bushi" Japanese (Rōmaji): Yāren sōran sōran Sōran sōran sōran (hai hai! Besides, “I had always wanted to do my own thing,” he recalls.Soran first went to work for Prodea Software, a small company whose CEO “let me learn about raising money, which became a very valuable skill for me.” He soon put that skill to work.This dance is taught in many schools across Japan as part of the curriculum. ) Nishin Kita ka to Kamome ni toeba CHORUS (AKA - kakegoe) Yasa e en ya sa dokkoisho (a dokkoisho, dokkoisho! Oyaji tairyō da mukashi to chigau toreta nishin wa ore no mono choi Yāren sōran... During regular intervals of the dance, the words: "DOKKOISHO! Ichi-jō-go-shaku no ro o kogu fune mo horeta ano go nya te mo choi Yāren sōran... ) When we hear the jabbering of seagulls on the high seas, we know we can’t give up our fishing lives on the ocean. “There are a lot of ‘negative aggressive’ business models out there,” Soran notes. As cofounder of XIOtech and Compellent, Soran helped launched two of the most successful digital data storage companies in the country—and in a state that doesn’t have the tech cachet of Silicon Valley or greater Boston.But his goal, besides building strong businesses, is to have people “feel really good about working with us.” With Soran, there’s a lot to like. You could say he did it the Minnesota way, with hard work, minimal flash and Midwestern friendliness.On Saturday, June 9th and Sunday, June 10th, there will be events throughout the day from 10am to 10pm on Saturday and from 10am to 8pm on Sunday.Released in a smooth sided jewel case with eight page booklet including japanese language liner notes. ℗ 1982Release date information from booklet, page 7: ℗ 1982 • 10 Nippon Columbia Co., Ltd.


  1. Nov 22, 2012. In the first of a new series profiling Swedish newsmakers, The Local gets the lowdown on Kurdish-Swedish comedian Soran Ismail, who has been in the news recently for his starring role in the Sweden Democrat racist video scandal.

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  3. Nov 27, 2016. DescriptionSoran Svenska Soran Ismail på Guldbaggegalan den 21 januari 2013. Date, 21 January 2013. Source, Own work. Author, Frankie Fouganthin.

  4. Jun 29, 2016. Vidku Phil Soran is the start-up's executive chairman; his cofounders are Charlie Miller chief design officer and Jim Leslie CEO, founder of local tech success story Midwave. Founded 2015. Headquarters Minneapolis Status to Date Vidku has raised $17 million in funding to launch Miller's Flipgrid.

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