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Library staff will not be assigned to or be responsible for monitoring or providing security during exhibits.

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Programs and events must not disrupt the use of the Library by others.Exhibitors are responsible for hanging their own work and for providing all necessary materials for organizing an exhibit. If an exhibit is on display at the time that a program or event is in progress, visitors to the exhibit will not be allowed to enter.Artists who are invited or permitted by the Library to exhibit their paintings, drawings, prints, sculpture, photographs or other works of art, and wish to sell their works of art, may do so, subject to prior permission of the Library Director, and provided that the artists have agreed beforehand upon a specified percentage of all proceeds of sale to be donated to the Library, pursuant to an arrangement with the Library Director.Use of the Scott Room is subject to fees and charges for its facilities and equipment.(See: Fees and Charges) Granting of permission to use the Scott Room does not constitute an approval or endorsement by the Library, the Library Board of Trustees or the Village of Scarsdale, of any group or individual or the content of any program, event or exhibit. Smoking is prohibited throughout the Library building.It is the policy of the Library Board of Trustees to provide all members of the community with equal access to Library resources and facilities.Priority for use of the Scott Room for programs, events and exhibits is given by the Library Director in the following order: 1) the Library; 2) Friends of the Scarsdale Library; 3) educational, cultural and civic organizations based in the Village of Scarsdale; 4) educational, cultural and civic organizations based outside the Village of Scarsdale.Separate application for a reception must be made at least two weeks prior to a planned event. There may be no admission fees and no solicitation of donations, except that the Library Director may give permission to not-for-profit organizations to solicit voluntary donations, but only to defray expenses of the program.Such charge shall not serve as an admission fee for attendance and attendance may not be limited to those individuals who pay such fee.The applicant is responsible for the Scott Room and its equipment and furnishings during the period of use and until the Scott Room is closed.The Library, its employees and Trustees, and the Village of Scarsdale do not assume responsibility for personal injury or damage to or loss of personal property during an applicant’s use of the Scott Room.


  1. Sep 28, 2017. But after signing off on security cost estimates, notorious white nationalist Richard Spencer is poised to speak at the University of Florida in three cautions tha. White nationalist Richard Spencer's UF speech date set, organizer says. In this 2016. Rick Scott called the National Guard. Students.

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