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Spiritual sex magic dating

The more cosmic experiences utilizing sexual energy create ecstatic states.

The essence of spiritual sex is enhanced awareness, extraordinary inspiration, and a sense of merging with the life force.

This level of spiritual sex may occur without a partner and even without any physical stimulation.

Many of you intuitively know the link between spirituality and sexuality through direct experience.

The second level is spiritual union which is the ultimate expression of sexuality.

Often one receives inspiration and illumination that can be translated into divine guidance or simply experienced as pure bliss.

The result is greater partner connection, reinforcing commitment in a long-term relationship through loving communion, enhancing the bond.

The fact is that sexuality and spirituality were never split until well into the first millennium of the Common Era when denial of the body became the popular theology of the day.

It may seem outrageous to view sexuality in such lofty terms.

Now, women are supposed to have orgasms every time and men are supposed to last all night as perfect sexual athletes.

It's a recipe for disaster which the invention of Viagra has not averted.


  1. You too can have mind-blowing orgasms through sex magic. sex magic has asserted itself in spiritual texts. dating back to the 1700s B. C.

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