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As a black man, that message and the hate and homophobia were multiplied to the nth degree.I saw no path out that would resolve my personal feelings with my deeply held and ingrained religious beliefs.And ‘speculating’ is a kind word for how it actually played out.With anger and disdain, people have been calling me out as gay, closeted, a sham and even nastier; much nastier.“I saw people from all walks of life, with multi-dimensional points of views and lifestyles I could only imagine.Their ability to navigate the business world and have a fulfilling personal life was a revelation to me — you can have it all.When I am in love I don’t equivocate, nor do I waver.

I have hit the highest of high notes and had the lowest of moments.But I have learned gratitude for the lessons my merciful Savior has allowed me to experience and process.And I have become tougher, more empathetic, more open-minded and able to love greater, deeper and better, especially myself. I have learned that sexual orientation is not binary, at least for me.I became a workaholic and have been on Wall Street, a banker, an academic and a consultant.I was not only getting educated about business and the professional life, I was getting exposed to a far different life than I had known growing up.My life was filled with vacation bible school, missionary meetings, Sunday school, choir practice and youth ministry.Life was not nuanced or frivolous, nor did it allow any time for introspection.I am capable of loving both sexes, and I have done both.My relationships, all of them, have been honest and based on my attraction to the other’s ex-husband Al Reynolds has some big news of his own to share.Jones, 55, and Chicago-based Ricardo Lugo, an Illinois assistant state’s attorney, began dating in the summer of 2016 — eight years after she and Wall Street executive Reynolds called it quits on their marriage.


  1. Oct 25, 2017. He's wonderful," Jones quipped. "I'm happy and that's all anybody outside of my family needs to know.”

  2. Oct 24, 2017. Star Jones is engaged to her boyfriend, Ricardo Lugo, she confirms exclusively to Us Weekly — find out more!

  3. Oct 21, 2016. You need to know more about Star Jones husband, divorce, boyfriend, dating, net worth, weight-loss. Television personality is better known for co-presenting 'The View' from 1997 to 2006, and also an attorney, who served as an NBC legal.

  4. Feb 17, 2018. *Star Jones was spotted at an event with two new men in her life – her boyfriend Ricardo Lugo and his son, Jake. “This is my family,” she told at Saturday's 8th Annual Children's Museum of the East End Family Affair in Bridgehampton, New York. “I'm not married, but we're together.” Asked if.

  5. Oct 24, 2017. 'We're engaged,' the 55-year-old TV star said. The lucky man is her beau of several years, Ricardo Lugo. She wore a pretty diamond engagement ring with a large center stone.

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