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Chloe Tran, a senior at Timber Creek High School and one of my very good friends, explains what she had gone through while being in an abusive relationship at such a young age."My family, friends, and school staff helped me a lot.While we're still growing up, it can be hard for us to know what is love and what is not.

A relationship should be a healthy balance between two partners and should make you feel so extremely happy. You should be loved and respected, no matter who you are., despite what you think.You are a beautiful human being who deserves to be respected and loved.You deserve someone who will appreciate every square inch of you, accept and love your flaws, and makes you a happier person.Chloe also gives advice to any victim of violent relationships: "Advice for others is that I know. I know how hard it is to not speak about any of the abuse when you see your family and friends, but then you realize you would lose him or her and all the bruises kind of suddenly seem okay.I know how hard it is to deal with that heartbreak of losing them.From the day he was put into jail, to this day, I miss and love him.He was my first love, and I'll never regret our relationship because I learned a huge lesson and I felt, what was in my opinion, true love.But when love is involved, you believe anything can happen. Although, due to a principle at my school, she's the reason why I got rid of all his clothes and all of our photos and videos.Since I still miss him from time to time, I consider myself still overcoming it, but this too shall pass eventually." Chloe is such an inspiring person to me and she always reminds me that self-love always comes first.February is also Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.I think it is extremely important to know when your own relationship is violent and when to know if a friend's relationship is violent.


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