Too available dating

You’re both busy people with work, responsibilities, and social activities. Unfortunately, I’ve seen a guy tell a girl way too many times, “Well, I had plans to go rock climbing with my friend but I’ll just cancel.” Right there you’re showing her how you’d ditch your friends and do anything to be with her.

This can come off intense and needy to a girl who’s never met you or spent little time with you.

All you’re showing her is that you’ve got nothing going on and you’ll work your schedule around her.

A woman wants a guy who’s social, has hobbies, and does things for himself.

She’s not going to give up an opportunity to see a guy she likes.

When a girl asks you what your plans are, saying “nothing really” or “nm, pretty bored” are the worst responses ever. Even if it’s something mundane, you can always make it sound more exciting.

This all results in frustrating, dead-end conversations. If you get a message from your friends, do you even think twice about replying? It has to do more with Things are going great with a girl you’re texting.

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She tells you she’s not sure of her schedule, she might be busy this week, and that’ll she get back to you.Maybe you met a girl when you were out and had the courage to ask for her number.But then she hesitated and said, “How about you give me yours and I’ll text you?” It’s not what you wanted to hear…but it’s better than nothing, right?So you gave her your number and now you’ve been waiting…and waiting…and waiting.You want to make it as easy as possible for her to say yes.So naturally you believe the best course of action is to give her multiple days when you would be down to hang out.Why would she want to be with a guy doesn’t do anything. “Trying to change the world with this new project I’m working on.” You don’t have to say that you’re sitting around in your boxers developing a new i OS app.You could even sidestep the question and be playful with her.So make solid plans and be willing to give another day you’re around if that time doesn’t work for her.That’s not desperate; that’s being a man who doesn’t want to waste his time.


  1. Guys, what is your opinion on a woman being too available? Like you ask her out and she's always free type of thing? Do you like being chased? Or are you more.

  2. Too Available Page 1 of 1 Like other gals, now that I found this section I may be around a lot lol A comment that was made by a man in another thread about if a.

  3. If so, you might have a problem. Here's how to know if you're too available for your. she started dating someone because. too available.

  4. You may be too available with women, but not in the ways that you think. It's not about texting too quickly. Find out what you might be doing wrong.

  5. The rules" of dating. I swear to god, Cosmo is ruining dating for everyone involved. Your way of looking at it is pretty spot on. I like you and you like me so lets.

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