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This meant a strange combination of Ugandan and American conceptions of everything from academics, nursing homes and, of course, sex. The closest we ever came was when I showed her my photo album from home and she came across a photo of me sitting in my ex’s lap, with his arms around me.

She saw it, giggled, closed the book and repeated the cycle for the next 20 minutes. Conversely, my 17-year-old American sister and I discuss all aspects of our sex lives, unfortunately in way too much detail.

In Uganda, introducing someone to your parents means you want to marry them.

If this held true in America, I would be married to my preschool boyfriend.

I've had some success in that, inspite of myself and I thank Him for the grace that enables me to do that. In His mercy He gave me the opportunity to be a wife to his servant John who is now with Him.

Sadly, I have failed many times but I rejoice in His forgiveness and the chance to keep on. I'm gr Am not sure how to talk about my self but let me give this a shot. I have been told that am easy going,sweet,down to earth and adventurous.l joined this site to meet like minded christian singles and explore the possiblity of finding that "forever kind of love" .

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Thsnks for taking your valueable time to read th I'm grateful to God for the many blessings and for opening my eyes to the Truth.I was walking home and a man comes running after me, holding a letter. If you are amenable to this please call me so we can work out the details.He hands it to me, saying it is from his “brother.” The note read: “Hi ___ (no name because he doesn’t know me), I want to talk to you about a special friendship or potential relationship. Here is my number, Michael.” The letter was wrong on so many levels, including the fact that Michael, whoever he is, does not even know my name! Delivery of promises is an altogether different issue! I fell in love with Uganda the moment I set foot here.I’ve been promised love, marriage, children (natural and adopted), meeting the family and even a house overlooking Lake Victoria! It’s quite usual for your male Ugandan suitor to be: Make your own mind up ladies but don’t believe everything you hear. Experience Uganda with me: cultural (mis)interpretations, expat travel advice, travel and tourism, wildlife and birds, Safari field trips, conservation, East African culture, volunteering and the occasional cross-border bus journey.In fact, if Ugandans want to get engaged, they tell their auntie about their significant other. In one of the local languages, Luganda, the word for love, like and want is the same: oku-jagala.She in turn tells the parents, which starts the whole engagement process. In my opinion, this can lead to a lot of mixed messages, because, at least in the U.I was in Uganda as a student, a daughter and a sister.I was studying there, but living with a family and I was completely immersed in the culture.I love to ensure that every one around me feels comfortable about them selves. Am a marriage material some one looking for a partner with the same intrests like me.I love family and am very cultured cuz i come from a humbled christian family.


  1. Jul 22, 2015. One of the first questions you'll get as a woman from the average Ugandan man will be whether you have produced a child. From here it's only a matter of time – sometimes minutes – before the inevitable marriage proposal. Welcome to dating in Uganda. I've had more marriage proposals here in Kampala.

  2. Dating Uganda. I've been promised love, marriage, children natural and adopted, meeting the family and even a house overlooking Lake Victoria!

  3. Apr 23, 2009. I don't think this difference is a question of being more open to the conversation; it has more to do with cultural conceptions of appropriateness. The way Ugandans approach dating is on a whole different level from Americans. In Uganda, introducing someone to your parents means you want to marry them.

  4. Deo Musiige is the founder of the first legit online dating website in Uganda. He had a chat with Campusbee about, and why all university students should sign up on this dating website. Image. Deo Musiige. Tell us about is the only dating website in Uganda with legitimate.

  5. COBALT-60 RADIOTHERAPY MACHINE INSTALLED – RADIOTHERAPY SERVICES RESTORED AT UGANDA CANCER INSTITUTE. Date 22 Jan, 2018. The Ministry has of recent seen a number of transformations, all intended to improve service delivery in the country. Through this website, the sector will improve.

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