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Replace the hard drive bay into the XBox chassis and screw back into place.

Now plug in your XBox, cross your fingers and power it on!

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In my case the drive was formatted with an 8 GB partition of the original data as well as ~140 GB and ~350 GB partitions.For my unit this meant placing the jumper on the set of pins second from the right (see photo).The new hard drive will be cloned by 'hot-swapping' it with the DVD drive while the XBox is running.Remove the two screws on either side of the bay attaching the hard drive to the bay.Unplug the power cable, and set the old hard drive aside safely in case of future disasters.If you are having problems, try a different (preferably original Microsoft) controller. When the lock succeeds, exit to shell and power off the system.Unplug all cables from the 'new' hard drive, plug the IDE cable back into the DVD drive and unplug the molex Y cable.Note there is one smaller screw under where the PATA cable previously used to run.The power cable should be pulled out from the bracketing along the side of the bay to allow enough slack for the bay to be removed while the power cable remains plugged in.I take all that and do it for you, I backup the I give you an easy to use settings menu ( NKPatcher Settings ) that has all the info you need to get the just of things.I have also made it as safe as I possibly can, by having recovery dashboards and fail safes in place in case you remove your dashboard or you format your E partition eg... Note: Making changes in the unprotected C partition is not advised unless you know what you are doing, you will know you are in this mode if you see a folder named "Do not touch anything in here" lol If you'd like to say thanks by sending a small donation, it'd be a huge help, and it'll allow me to keep spending time towards contributing to the Xbox community in the future.


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  2. UnleashX will boot up instead of the Microsoft. updating album and DVD cover art and more screenshots at Soup Up Your Xbox. the editor of Lifehacker.

  3. Xbox-Softmodding-Tool. This is the settings menu for UnleashX. Updating the Xbox Softmodding Tool to the latest version

  4. UnleashX Tutorial - Download as. It has to be UnleashX Settin$s. Tea$ Co$plex6I7. guys& T%anks to tweaXr for updating"$aintaining t%is docu$ent and.

  5. Option 4 - Slutskank's Alternate FTP -Dash install -Easy and Risky. Did the typical soft mod through Mechassault and installed the Unleashx dashboard.

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