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As mentioned earlier, the views are the true star of the show.On our last night in SF, we headed to the edge of the RV park to watch the spectacular sunset. If you are heading to San Francisco with your RV, we highly recommend the San Francisco RV Resort if you want to be close to the city and don’t care about having a gorgeous campsite. That being said, the San Francisco RV Resort provided plenty of beauty if campers ventured to the edge of the park and took in the vast views of the Pacific Ocean.Can you imagine parking here with a trailer with a huge back window? It is my understanding that there used to be a walking trail that led down to the beach; however, the cliff has been eroding, causing the park to erect fences and prohibit access.They have fenced in a path that is a nice place to take a walk and enjoy the ocean views.I admired their courage, as they had brought their infant and toddler along for the big adventure.Since they were turning in their RV the next day, they offered us all of the items they were about to pitch, so we walked away with armfuls of stuff, in addition to the cultural knowledge we gained.However, there was something that seemed roomy and tidy about the place.

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I knew it was more of a crowded parking lot than a resort; however, I selected this park because it seemed to be the closest one to the city with good reviews.You can tell by my older son’s face what he thought of the water temperature: In addition to the pool, the RV park also had a hot tub, which definitely would have been more enjoyable with these temperatures.Even though it was awfully cold for swimming, our boys enjoyed the small, clean pool.However, the amenities that are offered are very tidy.The campstore is big, and the workers were very friendly.San Francisco RV Resort sits about 20 minutes outside of the city. Other reviewers had noted that it is easy to catch public transportation into the city from here, so that’s also a plus.The park is technically located in a small beach town called Pacifica.The showers are huge and clean, which made me very happy after my complaints about the showers in Sequoia and Yosemite. Even though the weather wasn’t exactly the best for swimming, our boys insisted on going to the pool since we hadn’t had a pool in over a week.It was a cloudy, 55 degree day, and yet, they hopped in.Some sites even have a direct view; however, these sites have no hookups, making them much less popular.Though the park was otherwise full while we were there, these spots were mostly clear.


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