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The cultural interview focuses on the norms, values, understandings, and taken-for-granted rules of behavior of a group or society (p. This type of interview reports on TYPICAL shared activities and their meanings.

The style of interview is relaxed and questions flow naturally with no fixed agenda.

A qualitative interview is different from everyday conversation in the following ways.

First it is a research tool and a good interviewer must prepare questions in advance, and later analyze and report results.

People are interviewed several times so that emerging themes are pursued later.

The interviewer, for example, may ask them to DESCRIBE A TYPICAL DAY. [She compares and contrasts changes made in art making strategies of two students, one from Hungary and one form USA for 2 years.

The interviewer guides the questions and focuses the study.

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The way we interview depends on what we want to know.

We assume that people are basically honest and that they share similar views.

The researcher can mix types of interviews and approaches.

In focus group interviews people meet to share their impressions and changes of thinking or behavior regarding a product or an institution.

Participants may be strangers and make an effort to preserve their competency and may not admit faults.


  1. How to validating interview protocol. I have an additional question here after you finish the interviews and interpreted the results and the expert answers.

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