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In principle, the initial factory inspection shall be completed within one year after a successful type test.Otherwise, the type retest of products shall be required.More FREE advice and resources for Co P control plan , please do not hesitate to contact CCIC ET by email [email protected] ring us up at 34 932 237 206.

The initial factory inspection shall include the examination of the production consistency control plan and the on-site factory inspection for production consistency.Usually, the frequency of follow-up inspection is once per year, it can also be adjusted by certification body base on the result of factory classification.The producer or the manufacturer shall establish, implement and continuously maintain its production consistency control system as required in Annex 2 of the Implementation Rules to ensure that the persistently meet the requirements for compulsory product certified products certification.The 2015 CCC Seminar is on the purpose of providing a writing guideline for Conformity of Production (Co P) Control Plan document draw ups.In accordance with the “Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification of Product” for automotive components issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) as of the 1st of January 2015: Co P control plan draws ups for four kinds of vehicle components: Door Lock and Door Retention Components, Interior Trimming Material, Rear view Mirror, and External Lighting and Light Signalling Devices for Vehicles Regarding to the updated implementation rules of Motor vehicle and safety parts (2014 version), “COP(conformity of production) control plan” is a critical part for the CCC factory audit(both initial factory and follow-up audit). CCIC ET helps every factory and manufacture in the automotive industry to complete their product tests related to CCC Certification and offer testing solutions all over the world.Our services focus on of motor vehicle external lighting, light signalling devices, retro reflector devices, and motorcycle lighting components: Light projection, Uniformity, Colorimetry, Illuminance, Luminance, Luminous energy.You need to make it clear before submitting an application.The main difference between these two certificates is: CCC for spare parts doesn’t require to apply for modification under updated GB standards.It is easy to reach us at this email [email protected], on the office line at (0034) 932237206, come by our central office in Barcelona (C/Dolors Aleu 1-5, Planta 1, 08908, L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona).In accordance with the ¨Implementation Rules for Compulsory Certification of Products¨ for automotive parts issued by Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA) as of 1, January 2015.


  1. I am having difficulties doing a simple validation of a text field that has as a value - an int variable. I need the following; permit only digits don't allow a value.

  2. The Council of Validating Universities is the only body in the UK specialising exclusively in good practice and standards for that aspect of higher education which.

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