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Yes, there are many family therapists out there, but, to find one who has a vested interest in the client's well being and mental health to the level that Tara Cavasos has is RARE.She is passionate about her work and goes above and beyond in helping her clients.

Victoria married Matthew and I in an intimate, touching ceremony where we had our first date. Lloyd go above and beyond my expectations, she took the time to pray with my husband and I and our wedding parties.

I have been further blessed to play music with Ross. I had lost all hope of finding a connection with my 17 yr old.

All of this has enriched my life more than I can convey. Our relationship was to the point of complete disconnect and her grades had drastically dropped. Tara's sincerity, her professionalism, her ability to listen, her honesty, her patience, her dedication to her job is evident in the time that she has given to both us individually and in family sessions.

and Segatha brought healing to our marriage and breathed life back into it. It was the best marriage we had experienced in the 10 years of our marriage and after trying 5 other therapists.

We loved how unique it was to us and the tools we were given to continue our success.


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