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Europeans interest in the vast territory was primarily motivated by the search for precious metals, especially gold, and the fur trade, with miners, trappers, and hunters among the first people of European descent to permanently settle in the West.

Spanish conquistador Francisco Vázquez de Coronado embarks on an expedition into the unexplored territory north of colonized Mexico to search for the fabled Seven Cities of Gold.

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These missions bring European culture to the indigenous peoples of California, but also enable a serious decline of from one-third to one-half of the indigenous population there during the Mission period.

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More than 400 people are killed and the Spanish are unable to reconquer Santa Fe for another 12 years.

Santa Fe is formally repossessed by the Spanish after Diego de Vargas negotiates a peace with the Pueblo Indians.


  1. This timeline of the American Old West is a chronologically ordered list of events significant to the. Western North America was inhabited for millennia by.

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